Neuroplasticity and Wellbeing

We recently wrote a bit about mindfulness and gratitude in the March issue of the Buddies Newsletter and included some information about neuroplasticity – the brains ability to rewire itself towards more positive emotions. It was great to receive such positive feedback from readers about the newsletter in general and a humble thanks to them. We want to share news about the great work the Buddies are doing AND give all the readers something they can take away too that will hopefully make a positive difference in their lives.

Do you want to feel happier?What we think about we bring about and changing our thoughts can change our lives for the better. Change can be a simple process – no blood, sweat or tears required here! It is about keeping it simple – making small changes that when applied long term can make a BIG difference.

If you are keen to read the Newsletter you can download a copy here for some tips and advice on some ways to wellbeing.

We also included a link to a Tedx talk by Dr Rick Hansen which you can have a look at here if you are interested.

What are your thoughts about neuroplasticity and do you have any positive experiences you would like to share?

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